Welcome to my Billy Connolly Tribute website - or as Sir Sean Connery says "Welcome to my webshite!"

The first time I met Billy he said "I bet you get some stick lookin' like that!" - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

I have appeared across the U.K./Europe as Billy Connolly at festivals, comedy clubs, parties, Burn's Suppers, weddings and product launches since 1999.

You can find how to book me by Googling "Billy Connearly"

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Well - what can I say?? doesn't time fly when yer havin' fun!! 5th Nov - Photo Shoot for Slimming World Magazine!! Stylist, Hair, Make-Up, Director etc !! then Friday - Birmingham for the Slimming World Awards on Saturday with......Vernon Kaye! PLUS!!!! MTV VIVA show "PantsOff DanceOff" now showing!! with - coming up.....ME as embarrassing Dad!!! Sharon and Maxine will agree to that!!! If you want to see my Audition click on the link!!! WARNING: only risk one eye at a time!!! Scroll to "Stuart"

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