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Thursday, 24 December 2009

That's Entertainment

I have been chosen to play the male lead opposite Della Allen in the two-part play "That's Entertainment" by Phil Preece, Directed by Paulo Allen and produced by Nobody's Perfect Productions!!!, I am playing "Vince"

Act 1 - Mr Blue Sky

They say if you can remember the sixties you weren't there. Well ageing rocker Vince Meager was. And it's true - he can't. Or the seventies. Actually the eighties are a bit of a blur, and as for the nineties...

He's still going the rounds playing the old hits after nearly forty years, but when a young fan comes backstage to see him after the show he finds she's looking for more than an autograph. And Vince begins to discover feelings his rock and roll lifestyle has left no time for - until now.

Opens 19th and 20th February in The Old Joint Stock Theatre Birmingham then:

Saturday 20th March
Abbots Bromley Hall

Sunday 28th March
The Jermyn Street Theatre, West End, London

Tuesday 30th March
The Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton

Sunday 25th April
The Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock

Friday 14th May
Great Bridgeford Hall, Stafford

Friday 21st May
The Rose Theatre, Kidderminster

Thursday 27th May
The Dovehouse Theatre, Solihull

Thursday 3rd June
The Guildhall Theatre, Derby